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If you are a family experiencing a housing crisis, please call 1-855-234-COMP (2667)



Compass Family Services is widely recognized for its superior service and proven results. Each year, it fills the diverse needs of more than 3,000 low-income and homeless parents and children.  With a wide variety of services to meet your needs, Compass can help you find your way to stable housing, meaningful employment and rewarding parenthood.

Q: Who do I call if I received an eviction notice, I am living in my car or with friends, or I don't have a place to sleep tonight? 

A: Call Compass Connecting Point at 1-855-234-COMP (2667) or 415-644-0504, Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm.  A counselor will help you access the best resources to help your family find stability.  If you need assistance after hours please dial 211 or 1-800-273-6222 for general questions or 1-877-384-3578 if you are a woman experiencing domestic violence.

Q:  Who do I call if I want to take a parenting class or just need support to deal with the everyday stress of raising a family?

A: Compass Family Resource Center offers CPS certified parenting classes, case management, support groups and family activities and support for parents seeking high-quality, affordable childcare.  To schedule an intake, call 415-644-0504 or visit Compass Family Resource Center (995 Market Street, 5th floor) on Mondays between 1:30pm and 4pm, Wednesdays between 4:30pm and 6:30pm and Thursdays between 9am and 11:30am. 

Q:  How do I enroll my child at Compass Children's Center?

A:  Placement into Compass Children's Center is done via the San Francisco Childcare Connection (SF3C).  You can fill out a SF3C application online, visit Compass Children's Center (144 Leavenworth Street) on Wednesdays between 2pm - 4pm or call Eileen Sugai, SF3C Manager, at 415-343-3378.

Q: How can I get my family into your shelter or transitional housing program?

A:  Families are placed into Compass Family Shelter from the centralized waiting list managed by Compass Connecting Point.  Please contact a Compass Connecting Point counselor at 415-644-0504 to discuss your family's eligibility for shelter.

Compass Clara House is a two-year transitional housing program for homeless families ready to pursue a long-term education or training program.  Families interested in this program must be referred by a case manager and complete the application and interview process. 

Q:  Who do I call if my family might get evicted because I am behind on my rent or because of a past-due utility bill?

A: Call Compass Connecting Point at 1-855-234-COMP (2667) or 415-644-0504, Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm. A counselor will help determine if you are eligible for a no-interest loan through the Rental Assistance Project (RAP).  Eligible families may also receive assistance with move-in costs or past-due utility bills that prevent a landlord from renting to them.

Q: Can Compass help me if I do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area?

A: Unfortunately, Compass programs only provide services to families living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Please contact your local chapter of the United Way, by dialing 211 in most cities, to find services in your area.  

Q: What other housing options do I have?

A: Download the PDFs below for comprehensive lists of affordable housing options for families with open waitlists.  These lists are updated monthly.


East Bay Housing List

Public Housing List

Housing Updates

Open Section 8 Websites

Outside of the Bay Area Family Housing List

Peninsula-South Bay Family Housing List

San Francisco Family Housing ListPublic Housing List (ESPANOL)

Open Section 8 Websites (ESPANOL)

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